Ra Universe International360.RO TOUR SRL  is a company working in the field of photography, photographic processing and virtual professional multilingual presentations programming active in promoting international platforms. With the acquisition of the first drone, the company went on professional capture from above. This can achieve professional capture photo and video captures spherical or aerial equipment.Presentations are made ​​in areas of the most diverse tourist regions, islands, towns, cities, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and more. Details on: www.360Tourist.ro

TEAMNET GROUPTEAMNET GROUP – Group History begins in 2001, when members of the current management team, at that time four students passionate about science, founded what would become the group Teamnet. It provides detailed control over emergencies by integrating emergency product that they have developed with geospatial applications, messaging for taking over incidents and alerting people in charge, location in territory, UAVs for surveillance and reconnaissance, import and export data . Details on: www.teamnet.ro

LOGO ROMANIAN CAAROMANIAN AERONAUTHICAL CIVIL  AUTHORITY –  Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority activates in the field of  national aviation regulatory, enforcement and monitoring of compliance by Romanian or foreign companies and private persons, engaged in civil aviation and in designing or executing aviation products for the civil aviation in Romania, as well as the execution of international agreements which Romanian state is part of.” Details on: www.caa.ro 

Facultatea de Inginerie AerospatialaFACULTY OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERING  Polytechnic University of Bucharest – Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is closely linked to the name of Elie Carafoli, a graduate of the Polytechnic of Bucharest in 1924. Aviation university studies were inaugurated in 1928, when Professor Elie Carafoli opened the first course of Aeronautics at the Polytechnic School of Bucharest. In 1979 it changed its name into the Faculty of Aircraft, and in 1996 became the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. In 2003 it established the Aircraft Engineering and Management specialization and Research Center for Aeronautics and Space. Details on: www.aero.pub.ro

ASOCIATIA UVS ROMANIA“UVS ROMANIA” ASSOCIATION – The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems Romania Romanian legal entity, non-profit, non-governmental character, apolitical, pacifist, ecological and moral. Aims to promote research, development, production and use of autonomous vehicles UVS in Romania, to support its members in carrying out the national and international activities and the development of proposals to regulate UVS field in Romania. Details on: www.uvsr.org