ROMANIA: The drones could fly again without authorization from the Aviation Authority

Romanian Transport Minister Ramona Mănescu urged reconsideration of the order in January 2014, which set restrictions for civil unmanned aircraft operations.This takes place after aircraft clubs and those conducting commercial filming complained of the new tightening legislation. 

A Ministry of Transport Order that established  “operating conditions of civilian unmanned aircraft in the national airspace”   had been published in January 2014.

According to Minister of Transport Order No. 8/2014 , drones – or unmanned powered civil aircraft  – will be operated only under certain conditions.

The Order does not apply to smaller drones, up to 1kg, those drones available on the market and used by amateurs to film various events or places (protests, events, sites  etc), as long as :

  • Are operated in an open area without buildings for housing ;
  • Are operated without exceeding the visual field of the person who has command of the aircraft from the ground, but not more than 150 m away horizontally and 100 m height distance from that person ;
  • They have not mounted equipment for filming and data transmission

Basically, Ministerial Order stipulates conditions that can be operated drones maximum take off weight greater than 150 kg , and those with the mass below 150 kg.

Drones with maximum takeoff weight of 150 kg can be operated if :

  • holds a certificate of registration ;
  • holds a type certificate and an airworthiness certificate in accordance with European regulations
  • the aircraft operator ‘s certificate is appropriate, according to civil air operations conducted in accordance with applicable aviation regulations issued nationally or those issued in the European Union ;
  • the aircraft is insured for damages caused to third parties, as applicable by the law .

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