Romania: ISU Suceava County to Buy Drone for Monitoring Emergency Situations


By the end of this year, 
Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU Suceava) will receive 10,000 lei from Suceava County Council, to buy a drone that will be used in emergency situations and that, say firefighters, is very much needed.

In April 2013, 80 hectares of forest were made ashes by fire in the town Dornisoara, Suceava County. 400 firefighters fought for 9 days with flames that were about to reach the National Park Călimani. If there was a drone to fly over the area inaccessible for the firefighters, intervention would have been much easier.

To have real-time overview of any emergency, ISU Suceava asked the County Council for funds in order to buy a drone and the County Council approved the necessary amount of money.

The drone will cost 10,000 lei and ISU Suceava leadership hopes that the company that the equipment will be bought from, will also provide  training for the firefighters.

Depending on the budget of the County Council, the drone would come in equipping ISU Suceava in spring or autumn at the latest.