Proposed Acquisitions in Switzerland: Six UAVs – 250 Million Francs

The Federal Council of Switzerland have proposed to the parliament three projects on the acquisition of weapons materials 2015 (Armament Program 2015) amounting to 542 million francs. 
These projects  should replace equipment whose continued operation is no longer tenable, neither technologically nor economically. 
One of the three proposed projects involves the replacement of  the “system of recognition drones 95” with the “system of recognition drones 15”. 
  • Proposed acquisitions – System recognition drones 15 – 250 million francs
The system 15 recognition drones will be used to save the exploration capacity for obtaining the image and recognition of goals after the reform of the system of recognition drones 95 currently in service. Exploration for obtaining the image of the situation is a tool to support military and civilian driving bodies that make decisions, while recognizing targets used primarily to support the conduct of fire in case of defense against an attack by an armed opponent.
  • The acquisition includes six UAVs, including the components on the ground, simulator and logistics.
For further information:
Renato Kalbermatten
Spokesperson of the DDPS
Phone: +41 058 464 88 75

Source of summary article: DDPS – Swiss Confederation Federal Department of Defence,Civil Protection and Sport Website –