Croatia Could Purchase Six Drones to Monitor its Sea, Fishing Zones and Borders



According to Croatian media, Croatia will purchase this year a six drone system for monitoring its sea, fishing areas and borders. 50 to 70 percent of the 12-15 million Euro necessary for purchase could be co-financed by the EU.

Starting next year, Croatian sea, fishing zones & borders could be monitored by a six drones aircraft. It is predicted that the whole system (aircraft, computer program, training of personnel) will cost 12-15 million Euro, 50 to 70 percent of this sum being co-financed by the EU. The monitoring will be used for the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior.

The drones should have an autonomy greater than 150 km and be equipped with cameras with a broad spectrum of action, trained for night work, as they could take part in rescue operations at sea  and in detecting illegal border crossings or environmental pollution.

  • The tender is expected in May 2015.